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Superman: A Biography - Scott Brick, Larry Tye

It's a shame that a biography about one of the most potentially interesting subjects ever feels so dry. Tye's "Superman: a Biography" talks a lot about the Man of Steel's enduring qualities but never manages to convey the sense of breathless wonder about him that so many of the subjects had. On the other hand, the story also keeps a dry and academic tone to the mishaps of the so-called "Superman curse" and the legal battles of his creators, sparing it from sounding too sordid but also anesthetizing the complications behind the scenes.


If people want an exhaustive timeline of Superman events (and mostly it's a long list of the merchandise made) then this is a good book to read. However, this isn't one to give someone who hasn't heard of Superman if you want to inspire their curiosity. And it's not engaging enough to compete with the other offerings for the die-hard fans who probably already know 90% of what's found inside. Best given to those who want a compilation or just like collecting Superman stuff.


Personally, I found the book engaging enough. The best parts were talking about the Donner films. Which came closest to explaining the excitement people have about the big blue boy scout...