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How to Make Your Cat an Interenet Celebrity

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom - Patricia Carlin

The internet is famous for two things: porn and cat pictures. And, while I'm sure there are many books out there explaining how to break into the amateur porn industry, How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity is the first instructional guide to tap into the other lucrative business.


Obviously this isn't a real how to guide that goes into financial analysis of internet start up, but a tongue-in-cheek manual more like the ones that tell you to survive a zombie apocalypse. How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity is one of those coffee table books for a quick laugh that advertises to its built in audience. In the same vein of humorous cat-themed novelty books like I Could Pee On This or Grumpy Cat, which is pretty much the brass ring success story that How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity promises. Okay, it's more of a string dangle if we're going to be cat-focused here,but the point is this is one of those coffee table books that is easy to browse and full of tongue in cheek humor for readers who have the attention span of--hey is that a string over there?



 As you can see, pictures are worth more than all the words in this a measly review, and the good news is that How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity has a lot of cat photographs that are adorable and often come with snarky captions. There's diagrams of the box size to hilarity ratio, charts to choose the most stand out stage name, and pop culture references galore. It's very easy to pick out a random page and find something that tickles your funny bone.


The satire is laid thick in this book, so even the most obtuse reader would get it. One suggestion would be to introducing your cat's celebrity seeking act to unsuspecting friends and acquaintances by locking them in a room together. Others involve pillaging the American Girl collection catalog for outfits to dress them up in. The best parts simply involve addressing the fact that cats can be very nonreactive and boring creatures when it comes to getting a performance out of them. In spite of looking adorable even when asleep on their thirteenth nap of the day...




If the first three chapters hit the right blend of a comedic how to advice and examples of hilarious internet cat antics, the fourth chapter seems to lose a little of that steam as it details the many ways fame can go to your cat's head. I admit that I felt like part of a contingent of readers who aren't interested in the parody parallels of celebrity meltdowns and really just want more cat related content. But for every joke that missed its mark in humor (such as the Biggie parallels and faking your cat's death) there was something that worked, like detailing their addiction to the 'nip.


Overall, it's not great literature or something you give to change the mind of someone who is an avowed dogs only fan. But it delivers on its promise (that promise is laughs, not guaranteeing you money based on cat related celebrity). How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity is full of chuckles and winking humor, the perfect thing for someone to read in fifteen minute spurts, enough time for the rise and fall of many internet cat trends. Until they take over "Planet of the Apes" style...


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