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Garage Band - Gipi Garage Band is a slice of life graphic novel about four friends who decide to form a band. Each chapter corresponds to a song, providing insight into each of the boys and the people close to them.

Gipi's watercolors are the best part of the book, able to convey motion and individuality in the figures. He blends a muted color pallet of nighttime escapades and hot afternoons with some subtle vividness that really conveys the frenzy of teenage life.

The story, while providing insight into the characters and some excellently constructed moments that hint at philosophy and deeper nature, may be a little too minimalist for everyone to enjoy. It's a light, quick read, which is both a blessing and curse. Nice for what it is, but not wholly satisfying when you reach the end and think there could be more to fill the gaps. A solid book, but not his best or his most poignant.