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Pet Robots - Scott Sava, Diego Jourdan Pet Robots is an all ages book written by Scott Sava and art by Diego Jourdan. The plot is a straightforward romp, where four kids get lost on a field trip to a toy factory and stumble onto four robots. After accidentally activating them, the kids leave and the robots following them home afterward, having imprinted on them. Adventures happen, culminating in a fight as the evil toy manufacturer attempts to get them back.

Sava's script is well-suited to an all ages audience, with humor skewing to younger with booger and fart jokes. The story has a pace that seems more suited to a television show than a graphic novel, but for the most part it works in his favor, since early readers don't have to worry about compressed text or too many details passing by. This is a complimentary read for kids who like shows like Codename: Kids Next Door, Phineas & Ferb, or Jimmy Neutron.

The art is the weaker component of the graphic novel, where Jourdan has an accessible style and a good command of page layouts, sometimes his drawings seem stilted. The action scenes, in general, do not have the sense of movement so vital for keeping the story moving. The fight at the end has panels where punches are delivered and robots are tossed around, but they lack the cartoony movement one would expect from the style.

In the end, Pet Robots is nothing entirely new or inventive, but what it offers it delivers well. The kids have distinguishing traits, if not wholly fleshed out. One of the stronger aspects is how the relationship they start to develop between their robots is given time to feel organic. The humor doesn't condescend, although it doesn't invite older readers in the way something like Jeff Smith's Bone could do. While the art is weaker than the script, it is bright and colorful, hard to mistake for anything other than an all ages read.