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Lavinia - Ursula K. Le Guin A novel that's quiet, slow, filled with beauty and spirit like any of Le Guin's classic works. Those who read the Aeneid for the Augustan fervor might be disappointed at how domestic the whole thing is, but lovers of the author and of the history of the poem will find a lovingly crafted world.

What I find funny, mostly in a sad way is that the woman who gave us this novel, full of meta-textual criticism and changing of POVs built upon a classic, giving perspective to one left unspoken for, whose perspective is embodied in this line: "in truth, [Vergil] gave me nothing but a name, and I have filled it with myself"

...also gives us this: "As for anybody publishing any story "derived from" my stuff, I am absolutely opposed to it & have never given anyone permission to do so. It is lovely to "share worlds" if your imagination works that way, but mine doesn't; to me, it's not sharing but an invasion, literally — strangers coming in and taking over the country I live in, my heartland."

Since Lavinia came after this quote, I hope she might understand that some strangers are invited, maybe even fated to see a new land and adopt it as their own, as Aeneas did with Lavinia.

If she doesn't, her work speaks more eloquently for that position in the novel than they do in a legal treatise on a website.