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Set your sights lower for "We All Looked Up"

We All Looked Up - Tommy Wallach

"We All Looked Up" gives end-of-the-world premise like you see in the movie "Melancholia" or in the YA series "Life As We Knew It" about a catastrophe event that makes characters reevaluate their lives in the wake of a possible and sudden end. Only this "Breakfast Club" meets a giant meteor book lacks that sort of harrowing tone you read in stories and ends up with a lot of plots dropped for stupid love triangles and a really dismal portrayal of the three female characters in particular.


Anita's once regimented life leads her to abandoning her control freak parents and pursue life as a musician...except it's eclipsed by her feelings for resident slacker and asshole accomplice. Her storyline about finding purpose is resolved by them sleeping together.


Eliza's life was ruined by one kiss with someone else's boyfriend, leading her to be ostracized and then claim the "slut" label as a way to empower herself (yeah, if you're rolling your eyes at this, join the club). Her photographs and blog were super popular at showing how society was coming apart at the seam, her dad is dying of cancer and their house actually gets burned down and she doesn't know if he's alive or dead...but really she just wants to cuddle with the guy who actually was responsible for the whole kissing fiasco in the first place, so whatever it's true love.


Misery a.k.a. Samantha really doesn't even get enough of a backstory or motivation to explain how she is the way she is except she likes the resident bad boy "Bobo" and is plot motivation for a really dumb conflict that gets one of them killed. She's mostly dropped off at the end.


It took me forever to finish this mostly because the back second half became such a drag but people who prefer their end of the world stories not so depressing as "The Road" and like teenage relationship drama, complete with lying/misunderstandings keeping characters apart could find something to enjoy about it. But if this was the last book I'd have time to read, I'd definitely skip it.